I Am In Love With Enhance

An AMAZING experience created by an AMAZING team. I am in love with Enhance Product Development Company. I hope the company will be around ’til the next millennium and beyond. The staff members were so professional and very efficient in their various skilled areas also friendly….. I felt like family. I have to give special thanks to Mr. Jonathan Dunn, Mr. Joseph Caswell; Mr. Grimm and Ms. Vanessa Panchyshyn; great people to work with. There weren’t any questions they couldn’t have helped me with nor concerns….. oh and Ms. Mrosla was instrumental in helping me with the installments. Jonathan you ‘ROCK’ my friend an extraordinary industrial designer indeed! Thank you Enhance team for your support thus far, for my project. May God bless you all.

5 out of 5 (very satisfied)

– Kamar S.

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Her Work Was Quick And Spot On!

My experience with the product designer phase at Enhance was very good. Jana got straight to work making the changes that I needed to take my product to a more competitive level. She reached out to me weekly and would return my emails promptly. She did a fine job designing my product to be more user friendly and she gave it more of a sleek, modern look. Her work was quick and spot on!

5 out of 5 (very satisfied)

– Jodi S.

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