I Would Love To Work With Her Again

Jana was absolutely amazing. When we talked about my product, she quickly understood the concept and also offered suggestions on design based on the perspective of a gamer herself. That was one of the main uses I had envisioned, but not being a gamer myself, I didn’t know how to make it attractive for that market. Jana designed exactly what was in my head and beyond with gaming layouts. She was as excited as I was with the finished product and I would love to work with her again!!

5 out of 5 (very satisfied)

Christie W

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I’m Happy With The End Result With My Project

Rebecca is an attentive, good listener as we try to make compromises for the sake of our project. She is also a creative, confident, detailed, hardworking designer. She’ll try really hard to make customers like me happy & make my product the best for customers. If she has to correct me, she’ll find diplomatic ways to make her points across while knowing how to stand firm on her principles & past experiences. As someone who worked with various lab partners on many college projects before, Rebecca is the best partner I can hope to work with me on this project. I’m happy with the end result with my project. I’ll miss working with her on its next phase.

5 out of 5 (very satisfied)

Peter V.

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