Enhance Has An Awesome Team Of Designers

My project was assigned to Danny Tran. There was a little communication glitch at first. But, with a little mediation from Jana Wang, we were able to get back on track & completed our project on time. Danny did a great job with all the details that my project would need to help potential companies see clearly & get interested in my product at first sight. He was able to pick up my instructions through phone & emails right away. He’ll be able to get through everything smoothly in the near future once he has some experience under his belt. Enhance has an awesome team of Designers to work with customers!

5 out of 5 (very satisfied)

Peter V.

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Courtesy And Professionalism Has Been Expressed

I’m glad I chose your company to take my product to the next level. Courtesy and professionalism has been expressed.
Jana completed the graphics and her work was impeccable. She was thorough and communicated with me about what I wanted in my product. She included everything I expressed! I’m excited to see the finished presentation.

5 out of 5 (very satisfied)

Tonya B.

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