Enhance Product Development’s Bottom Line is Providing the Very Best Creative Ideas in Product Design and Customer Satisfaction

My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Anne Fahey for encouraging me as an inventor to be a part of the Enhance Product Development family. I have found Enhance Product Development to be a tremendously effective, and efficiently well run organization, whose bottom line is providing the very best creative ideas in product design and customer satisfaction. I am very, very satisfied with the high level of professionalism, patients, creativity, and attentiveness afforded to me and my invention. I am very fortunate and glad to be a part of this process. And, I would gladly look forward to working with you and your organization again, should another invention come to mind.

I also want thank William Addison, it is because of him that SMRT Helmet has the Unique Look and the Special Design of a REAL Genuine Marketable Product. He did the impossible. He re-envisioned the look of the future. No easy task in this day and time. But Mr. Addison did it with ease. Thank you Mr. Addison for the look ahead, and a job well done! And finally Ms. Jennifer Mrosla for her assistance and guidance down path of Licensing SMRT helmet. Ms. Mrosla is at the heart of what makes Enhance Product Development run so smoothly. I am appreciative for her quick response and her untiring resourcefulness in securing Licensing for those fortunate enough to work with Enhance Product Development and its Representatives.

I have had a very positive experience with Enhance Product Development’s services, and its very creative representative/design teams. Especially Mr. Andres Carriazo and his team. The Presentation he provided, and the laser focused attention to the design needs of my product were at the highest levels of excellence!!! I am very, very satisfied beyond my Greatest Expectations. I can think of nothing that should be changed. Enhance Product Development is a well oiled machine of very creative artist providing the very best in quality, design, and Functionality. Over all a very Grand and memorable experience, that I will never forget.

5 out of 5 stars (very satisfied)

Bruce C.

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I particularly worked with Anna and her efforts surpassed my expectations. If everyone is a team player as much as Anna, no need for improvement. I have been through a lot with that project and your company and with Anna’s gifted fingers , the whole idea came to light. She was able to catch up my vivid imagination. I’m sincerely grateful. I’m waiting for the successful outcome.

5 out of 5 stars (very satisfied)

Farah N.